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The Shiny Thing Syndrome (The STS)

Of all the things that are big obstacles to success. I think the one that is the most frustrating for clients (rather than scary or stressful) is when The Shiny Thing Syndrome hits. Don’t know The Shiny Thing Syndrome? The STS (Shiny Thing Syndrome) is when you are...

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7 ways to get in the press for free

It’s been said that I make it look easy to get in the press, and while that may be true it really doesn’t in my viewpoint take rocket science for you to achieve that too. Admittedly this year I’ve worked closely with Voom Media run by Vanessa Moon, but that is purely...

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How to make sales come to you!

I'm often asked how I manage to look like I'm everywhere and gain new clients when I seem to have a lot of time to do the things I want to do, as well as look after my health. Well, I wouldn't ask you do to something that I'm not prepared to do myself! My Marketing...

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How to talk to people you don’t want to.

When coaching someone I will often come across a situation where someone is uncomfortable in confronting someone. Not “all across the bar in someone’s face Eastenders2 style, but how to get to the bottom of things like: Why have they not replied? Why have they...

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From South Africa with love…

I'm constantly inundated with messages from people who have read my latest book "Fight the Fear - how to beat your negative mindset and win in life" to tell me that this book has changed their lives. That is a real honor. I love that Chapter 1 tends to throw a curve...

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Book leads to speaking engagements for WH Smiths HO!

I'm honoured to speak for anyone that asks me and will always deliver something unique to that audience. Even if it is a subject I've covered a thousands times I will always write something fresh for that audience. And only in that audience will be those delegates so...

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Silly socks teaching lessons about people

I'm lucky enough to get in the press and on the radio quite often and recently I helped BBC Suffolk Radio with their "Hands off" campaign helping BBC Suffolk raise the profile of their campaign to get more of us to put the phone down when we get behind the wheel of...

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International Best Selling Author Interviews Mandie Holgate

Recently I was interviewed by best selling international author and speaker Gordon Tredgold. He asked to interview me because he had read my book and wanted more insights into the ideas and how I came up with them. (Especially since as Gordon mentions in the interview...

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I can’t do it!

There are times in our lives when we feel like we can't do it. Panic sets in. Fears escalates. Confidence takes a nose dive and we question our actions, our thoughts and even ourselves. When you feel that level of overwhelm it can be hard to know how to go on. "I'm...

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Too busy to have any time?

One of the things that clients often present to me is this illusion that "there isn't any time to do anything else!" Remember someone far cleverer than me said that "time is an illusion"? Actually it was Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers guide and he added to that...

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Week 5 Masterclass – Homework

I have to start this week’s master class by saying “Go Nila!” Great to get such powerful feedback that you are not only getting new business from working with me in these master classes, but getting business while we are actually doing them, priceless!” So to...

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Master class 6

To back up week 6; What doe your environment do for your success? What is your business and personal ethos like? How does this impact on your success? What values matter to you? In this master class I share how Dawn Moss from Interview Coach and Utility Warehouse and...

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Master Class 4 Home Work From Your Big Fat Meany Head…

Hi it's your big fat meany head here..... Well if you want real results you have to not only watch the master class, you have to write down your back burners and ideas and then decide what actions you are going to take over the next week and then shock of shocks you...

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