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How Do I Get To Work With You & What Can I Expect?

This is the reply I gave to a lovely business owner who has been on a recent course I hosted. I felt it summed it up nicely as a brief intro on what to expect, how it works and what I could do for you; Depends what you need and how you would like to work. For some...

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How To Deal With Rejection (To Get What You Want!)

I'm often faced with a person who wants to achieve a big goal and when we work through the "what's" the "how's" the "when's" and "actions" there is often a millisecond pause, Something that most people would not even notice, Something that you may have heard called a...

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How To Climb The Sales Mountain To Success

If you want people to love your business and all that you do. Then you need to enable people to buy in at a level that suits them. Not everyone will want to buy your big products and services from day one. How do you let people get to know, love and want all that you...

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How To Get Bum’s On Seats

I often say to people in business, "If you don't find what you need on my website, get in touch and I will write something especially for you." This has taught me 2 things that could be good for you to remember; Sharing your knowledge does not mean that someone will...

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Why Being A Thought Leader Could Be Good For Business

I often meet business women new to running their own business, that have an extensive level of knowledge and experience in their profession. Going it alone is scary, exciting and a million other feelings. So why can it be good to become a thought leader in your...

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Stuck In A Rut And Wrecking Your Confidence

I often meet business women through my work that say ‘I’m stuck in a rut and I’ve no idea how to get out of it and it’s damaging my confidence. How can I move forward?”Well here is my 7 top tips for flying out of that rut so high that you can’t even see the brick wall...

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From Tiny Tickers To Mud Runs

Being very good at getting bums on seats and new customers through the door I get lots of charities getting in touch asking for help. I also get lots of business women who are supporting a charity that means something to them, get in touch and say "Mandie can you help...

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What’s Stopping You….From Achieving….(I Know!)

I’ve never been busier with my coaching practice for business men and women and although I’m more than happy to concentrate on business or marketing strategy I’m finding more and more that a big issue that underlines the real issue, is firmly rooted in self-belief and...

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Honesty Is Not The Best Policy

Words you wouldn’t expect to hear from a business woman whose father taught her never lie. As Dad always says; “Never lie, with a thief you know they will always try and steal from you, with a liar you never know where you stand.” It’s a rule I’ve always applied to my...

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I Don’t Know What To Write – Marketing Magic Time!

Whether its writing a blog article, new copy for your website or what you are going to say at the next networking event you've been given a show case slot at, here's a great little technique to help you when you are staring at your screen or a blank piece of paper...

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Knowing Where & When To Spend Your Money

It may sound easy to spend money right? But when it comes to helping your business grow, thrive and succeed how can you know you are spending your hard earned profits on the right things? People will tell you come to our event, advertise with us, exhibit here, join...

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Looking For Creative Inspiration – How To Find It!

Have you ever sat in front of the screen and thought “I’ve got 2 hours to come up with the content here, why can’t I think of anything?” Or “I only need to think of the name for this and I can crack on, why won’t my brain work!” Or “Aaaaa I haven’t got a single good...

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Achieving Your Goals Without Magic Wands

 Visualise your goals. How will you monitor your success? What is your natural style? Work with that! How will you stop the Catherine wheel effect and stay focussed? (Read The Catherine Wheel Effect here.) How will you stay motivated on a tough day?  Know the who,...

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How do I get my blog out of Never Read Land?

Great you finally got around to producing a blog, but now what? Because aren't you at risk of spending your most precious commodity of time writing something that no one will ever see? Well unless you include your Mum, your best mate and Your Auntie Irene. What do you...

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Words Getting Me In Trouble….But Sales Still Come In

Here is one to make you laugh. My website was redesigned September 2013 and I've been successfully getting leads and sales for my business since then. So imagine my surprise when a business woman on a course I'm running for a local enterprise agency tries to get my...

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Some Social Media Hot Tips

I hosted a last minute (because I love your business) social media master class recently and this is the email I shared with the business women afterwards. Some of these business women were completely new to social media and others had dappled and some would even say...

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