This is the reply I gave to a lovely business owner who has been on a recent course I hosted. I felt it summed it up nicely as a brief intro on what to expect, how it works and what I could do for you;

Depends what you need and how you would like to work. For some start-up businesses I work with I tend to have a session once a month for a few months then they get on with it and come back to me after 3/5 months for the next steps. I set homework according to how far apart our sessions are.

It also depends what you need assistance with. Sometimes business owners just have a one off session and others want me there over the course of the year to not just create goals, and achieve them but to also create accountability and have someone to bounce ideas off of too.

I charge £125 an hour, however I can cater to most budgets. And feel free to give me a call to discuss your personal needs, so we can work out the best option for you. I get that you are mega busy so we need to ensure that what we do together works to your personal needs, beliefs and values AND challenges the assumptions and fears damaging your chances of success.

I also recommend that if your diary will allow it to attend the Business Womans Network every month, that way I can give you additional advice before or after the event and you will get to hear some exceptional speakers that will share additional great advice for business and success.

I can also put you in touch with business owners who would be able to give you a reference on the calibre of the results I can get. From confidence and communication skills to marketing and business strategy.

I look forward to hearing from you and it goes without saying it would be a honour to work with you.

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